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About club

Trojans Baseball Club began in 2004. Since then, we have been dedicated to working with kids from all ages and ability levels to get them better. We tell kids it’s not about how good you are when you are 10, it matters how good you are when you are 17 and 18. For most kids it takes many years of training and reps to get good at this game, and our coaches and staff are here to help your kid become the best he can be. We have been fortunate enough to work with several kids who have gone on to play at the college level. But, to play in college it will take a lot of hard word. So, until then, do you have what it takes to be a Trojan?

Trojans that have played or currently playing in college…

David Quiroga Owens Community College

Jason Whiteside Glen Oaks Community College

Reed Welker Saginaw Valley

Chad Albright Bowling Green State University

Wes Blank Owens Community College

Brandon Best Owens Community College

Brian Simon Bowling Green State University

Aaron Stewart Owens Community College

Kevin Leady Bowling Green State University

Brandon McFarland Bowling Green State University

Phil Reed Evangel University

Brad Hayes Ohio State University

Brad Timofeev Defiance College

Lewis Calvin Owens Community College

Aaron Dudley University of Toledo

Austin Ritson Ashland University

Alex Radon University of Toledo

Derek Spencer Bowling Green State University

Anthony Munoz Youngstown State University

Brian Koehl Adrian College

Collin Parrill University of Findlay

Matt Garbig Walsh University

Brett Howard Bluffton University

Charlie Wooten Bowling Green State University

Chad Mauter Adrian College

Sam Pace Lourdes University

Ricky Lizcano Heidelberg University

Cody McPherson Bluffton University

Chris Pfund Eastern Michigan University

Alex Timofeev Defiance College

Mike Fuller Calvin University

Brian Conley Owens Community College

Nathan Haugh University of Toledo

Tad Margolies Bluffton University

Nick Bratt Defiance College

Levi Pauli Defiance College

Drew Kunz Bowling Green State University

Jake Cappelletty Adrian College

Kurt Stambaugh Wayne State University

Craig Kidston Owens Community College

Alex Sierra Terra State Community College

Keegan O’Brien Jackson State Community College

Josh Beck Jackson State Community College

Dillon Schroeder Eastern Michigan University

Reid Olmstead Sienna Heights University

Kyle Aponte Trine University

Miccoy Drzewiecky Adrian College

Spencer Durham Adrian College

Mitchell Nearhood Terra State Community College